CMS Photo Gallery


Springfield Armory Champion with Colt package and Kart barrel
(Owned by one of our SF guys, helping to keep us all safe.)


S&W 645


Colt Officers ACP and Colt 1991


Glock Model 36 including sight picture


S&W PPC revolver (over 12 years old and still shooting strong, just came back for a check up)


Ruger Mark II
(with custom barrel/receiver from Tactical Solutions, refinished frame in green MountainTuff)


CMS FALCON -- Caspian 9mm Commander


More Views of the CMS FALCON


Compensated Para


Revolvers and Pistols


Sig 1911 GSP with 2 tone MountainTuff finish


S&W Airweight Customized


Glock 19 with Caspian slide, with frame modifications, and showing hi contrast front sight


Glock 19 with Caspian slide,
showing traction area in front of rear sight, and showing slide profile


Browning Hi Power Custom Project, showing stippled backstrap and gold bead front sight


Glock Custom Project with MountainTuff finish on slide, showing XS Big Dot 24/7 sights


Springfield Armory 1911, showing stippling


Browning Hi Power Package, showing backstrap stippled


S&W 686 Custom Project, and S&W 6906 Customized with MountainTuff finish


Caspian 9mm Project


Revolvers and Pistols

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